The hidden power of Mathematics

October 27th, 2020

A significant portion of B2B tech companies still use a combination of CRM data and spreadsheets to produce their forecasts. CRM reports, however, can only tell an incomplete story about the state of your business and are more than likely to be skewed by blind spots such as backdating and inaccurate listings. Spreadsheet forecasting only reveals the tip of an iceberg of revenue, there is tremendous financial value to be unlocked if you can bring the entire iceberg to the surface.

But how can you get a more complex understanding of your business reality, a complete iceberg picture, so that you can adapt into the future?

Only an in-depth mathematical analysis could uncover the certainty hiding under the gut-feel and intuition that previously dictated the decision making. Math can reveal what is not immediately obvious.

Precarious spreadsheets can compound upon existing errors and displace predictions far from their actual truth-value. Are you OK with that?

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