NextSTOP Consulting Purchases p3rceive to Help Its Clients Allocate Resources for Growth

April 12th, 2021

We understand time is of the essence for you to achieve sales revenue goals, but isn’t also important to make accurate planning decisions?

11.2 Ventures LLC, parent Ventures Studio to p3rceive, announced on April 12th that its AI-driven platform, p3rceive, is being adopted by NextSTOP Consulting, a New York-based consultancy specializing in the digital transformation of small and medium-sized companies, to enhance its services.

Bob Bonomo, NextSTOP’s Founder and CEO, called p3rceive “a great new tool for our clients. Never before have they been able to input different resource allocations and receive a percentage likelihood that that arrangement would achieve the goals they’ve set. The ability to test out various distributions of human capital and time before they make any changes in the real world is an invaluable tool.”

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